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At Fertility Center of Southern California, we are dedicated to providing successful outcomes for all of our patients. We are proud of our pregnancy rates with all forms of fertility treatment, including fertility medications, intrauterine insemination, fertility surgery, and IVF with embryo transfer. We also measure our success by our reputation as a caring and invested clinic that provides excellent personalized care.

The most used measure of a clinic’s success are the IVF statistics reported through the Society of Assisted Reproduction and Technology (SART). We are proud of our IVF success rates at FCSC. View our 2020 data

It is important to understand how SART reports outcomes. You can evaluate by cycle start or by embryo transfer. Outcomes by cycle start evaluate the total number of cycles that began, including those where the plan was to freeze all eggs or embryos and not move to transfer, or cycles that were cancelled in the best interest of the patient. Outcomes per transfer evaluate all cycles in which an embryo transfer took place, including both euploid (normal genetics) embryos and untested embryos.

While we value the information PGT-A(preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy)and always welcome the option of identifying genetically normal embryos, we acknowledge that not everyone needs or wants a euploid embryo transfer or has a high enough ovarian reserve to succeed with PGT-A. Our clinic does not believe that you must provide a genetically normal embryo through PGT-A to do a transfer. We also do not require you to move to donor eggs if you do not have a normal embryo. We have many successful pregnancies following day three or blastocyst embryo transfer without PGT-A. We will fight for you to conceive with your genetics if that is important to you. This approach can lead to lower reported SART pregnancy rates when comparing our clinic to those that require euploid embryo transfer as it may take more than one cycle to be successful with your genetics. However, we don’t chase SART success rates – we chase your success. We do not perform genetic testing (PGT-A) for all embryo transfers - only when it is indicated for our patient. This can lead to slightly lower success rates compared to clinics that perform PGT-A for all patients.

If you have questions about our success rates, please do not hesitate to reach out at info@fertilitycentersocal.com.

We counsel our patients on their anticipated success rates for each treatment option and choose a personalized treatment plan based on their specific diagnosis and family building goals. Reach out to us today for a consult to start building your family, now or later.

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